We help children engage their bodies and minds through fun and educational activities.

Our history

Founded by Hanna Mamo and Alex in 2017, Beyond Care Child Centre is a dedicated team of Child Care Professionals Based in Burnaby.
It is clear that every job has its own importance, yet some stand out because they make a difference in other people’s lives, with daycare being a prime example.

At my previous workplace, I had the opportunity to assist many persons dealing with uncomplicated or severe mental health issues. It felt excellent to actively be involved in their daily life to make a difference and offer them support and any help they might need.

I have been volunteering in the church for some times now. It is deep in me to serve with all I have. I am also assisting children with Sunday school on top of my regular volunteering service. Things like these are the ones that offer me a boost of energy and productivity!

Filled with this inspiration and power to do good, we decided to take over Parkwood Daycare in October 2017 when the opportunity arose. Upon taking over the daycare, we realized that this acquisition came with its fair share of challenges. Yet, we were determined to turn it around, seeing what is ahead of us, and we worked very hard to ensure that all those problems were solved

Beyond Care Child Centre

As soon as we acquired the daycare, we implemented our brand name and started focusing on establishing an excellent, professional service that would help the local community. Changing the business name was a great way to reflect our direction, our purpose in life, and the value that our service provides to all community members

During the first year and a half, we worked very hard to ensure that the image inherited from the previous owner was fully reversed. We are pleased to see parents being fully satisfied with our services, and now they have seen and witnessed who we really are and how much we care about the services that we provide as a whole.

Our company’s primary goal is to help make a difference in people’s lives by offering the necessary assistance and support. We are committed to bringing in the best daycare services and various other solutions that can actively improve people’s lives.

We are also privileged to work with many local charities like the Food for Hunger organization. They are helping us make a difference while also targeting those who actively need assistance and support. Thanks to their assistance, we are offering financial support for 14 children, and we plan on helping even more. We are working hard to ensure that we help as many people as possible since we believe it’s why we are here, and we genuinely want to have a positive impact on the community!

Our Team

The Beyond Care early childhood centre is passionate about developing happy, healthy adults. With ECE certification and decades of combined experience working with children to help them grow into confident individuals, our teachers create deep relationships that last a lifetime while also caring deeply for each child’s success! This allows kids the opportunity not only to learn but thrive in an accepting environment where they can be themselves – just as any person would need or want

Get to Know your teachers:


To me, children are naturally optimistic, and that’s what you also become when being surrounded by them. Each day you get to work with their inquisitive young minds. You get to witness them thrive as they beat one after another challenge such as learning their alphabets, their phonics, and even learning how to spell their own names. Witnessing these makes my heart full.

Knowing I can positively influence a child’s way of thinking or doing is very rewarding.


Spending time with children makes me so happy. They are over-passion, something that leaves me feeling energized at the end of the day. The kids live in the present moment without worrying about memories and future imaginations.

I feel at ease with kids able to be in the power of now making me feel happy. So my approach will be consistent, firm and loving.

I help children learn through experience that making an effort builds confidence boost every child’s self-esteem.


Children are a breath of fresh air as well as a reminder that fun and enjoyment are allowed in our lives. Working with children makes me feel like a child again, with their innocence and curiosity about the world around them.

Working with children is facing how we can escape adulthood back into childhood, even if it’s only for a few hours.

My approach to children is letting them discover and solve problems on their own and interfering when necessary. I think that letting children take control and being on stage while I’m backstage on the sidelines is an effective way of learning peer interaction and social skills. In addition, I find that modelling actions are an effective method for serious situations between children to avoid unwanted actions.


Children are joyful, and they make me feel inspired and delighted to work with them. I feel hopeful for the future. They are always authentic without fear or worry of what others may think. It is lovely to work with them because they are not complected but energetic, curious and eager to learn.
One of my goals is to help nurture love and respect for their parents and contribute to the children having a good relationship with them.

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