Dear parents: 
It is hard to believe that months are changing so fast it is now the sixth month in 2019.  It seems the year just started and now it is already coming to summer time. I must say it has been a pleasant experience working with all the children helping them transition smoothly into our program.
We take the opportunity to convey our huge thank you to all our parents for their support and trust in Beyond Care Child Centre. We welcome you to share your experiences with your families and friends to spread the good word out there. We do continue to have spaces available in our 3-5 years of age group. Our kindergarten program for September 2019 is full. We are also taking children for the summer program should you know any parent is looking for a summer placement.
The month of May was full of fun for children as they were busy preparing a gift for their beloved mothers. Hope you all liked your “surprise gift” that children brought for you to make you happy on this special day. We are sure you must treasure it!


Wilma King is now a part of Beyond Care Child Centre. She will be working with us in the afternoons. Wilma brings with herself huge experience and knowledge to understand and know the need of each child. She has worked in the childcare field since 2008. We hope to have a long working relationship with her. Welcome, Wilma!

Zophia (Pia) will continue to work with us in the morning time as she is going back to school in the afternoon to complete her Early Childhood Education course. The management and staff of Beyond Care Child Centre wishs Pia success in all her endeavors!

Welcome back Eman!

We are very happy to have you back though briefly. Eman was under our care last year when his grandparents went back home. We look forward to care for Eman and hope he will enjoy his brief stay with us too.

Adieus to Gabby:

We say goodbye to Gabby as the end of June 31stis her last day at Beyond Care. Gabby is lucky that her grandmother is moving from the Philippines to spend time and witness her grow into a young girl.


Taking your child to the library is one of the best things you can do to your little one. This develops early learning and love for reading.

Start by taking children to the library especially at the story time. Children love to listen to the stories when read aloud. They develop attentive listening skills and learn to sit in one place until the story is finished. They learn to use a gentle voice because the library is a quiet place where children and adults sit down to read without noise.

Initially, children might be overwhelmed to see tall shelf reaching up to the roof, filled with books to choose from. Help children understand and show them where to find the book of their interest. Most of the time children’s libraries have a special corner for children to play quiet games, work with puzzles or build blocks. Let children pick up some play activities and learn to work without a word and show them to put away after use.

Tell the child that they can bring the books home too. Bringing books home from the library means “to borrow” for a specific time and must be returned to the library without ripping off or scribbling crayons on it.


This month bring a surprise for Dads. We will celebrate Father’s Day and will make a good craft gift for all the fathers. We wish all our wonderful fathers a very “Happy Father’s Day”! as usual Children will draw, color and paint and make a card for fathers to express their love and appreciation for all that their dads’ do for them.

As teachers, we will capitalize on this occasion and inculcate in children to be thankful for everything that their parents are doing. We will read related books, learn new songs and draw a big daddy.


We commend Azi for reaching the milestone of writing 100 numbers. Starting next week he will be introduced to simple addition which he will learn with the help of addition board and blue and red stairs.  He has also reached up to 3-letter words and we are hoping he will read before he goes to kindergarten in September.

As for rest of the children are progressing academically at their own pace. While older kids are now getting ready for the end of the school year. June will be last month for our kindergartners and out of school kids. They are pretty excited about vacation and making big summer plans with their parents.




As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.


A quick reminder for all parents that as the weather is now changing to warmer days it is crucial that children wear the right kind of shoes and bring a sun hat.  Some of the children still struggle to wear rain boots while going outside. In warmer temperatures, rain boots are not comfortable as children can’t run and play wearing these boots. We also request parents to send sunscreen. We will only use the sunscreen provided by the parents due to an allergy issue. You know the best lotion that works for your child.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!

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