Hello, August! We can’t believe we are already in the 8th month of the year!

August is here, but summer is not over yet!
We will still be spending lots of time outdoors to enjoy this nice weather while it lasts. Sunscreen and hats are still a must so that the kiddos can have fun to the fullest!

Birthday Corner

Last month, Enzo celebrated his 3rd birthday with us here at Beyond Care with his friends and teachers. We are ecstatic that we get to celebrate this special day with you. We hope you had a blast, Enzo!

And this month of August, we would like to greet  Isaiah a very happy birthday as he turns 3 years old.

Not goodbye, just see you later.

The end of this month always brings mixed emotions as we say farewell to the children leaving for school whom we wish nothing but the best for. We will be saying goodbye to Ethan, Ashton, and Ella to begin their new journey as kindergarteners. We would also like to thank the parents for trusting us with their child’s care. You will all surely be missed!


How to say “no” to your child in a positive way

Saying “no”, “don’t”, and “stop” is a natural reaction adults have to a child’s negative behaviour.  But the word “no” elicits negative emotions.  When was the last time your child happily agreed when you told him he can’t have or do something he wants?  This is why it’s a good idea to look into how to say no to your child in a positive way as an alternative to negative words.

Say “No” with an Alternative
Giving alternatives can convince your child that you’re not declining their request. For example: “No, darling, you cannot have candy; you can have an apple instead” offers an alternative and opens the door to an explanation about the health benefits of apples over candy.

Don’t Give False Hopes
Parents often say: “Not now, darling.” If not now, when? If you fail to fulfill your implied promise, your child may start having trust issues. Give a concrete time frame that your child can expect to have their wish granted. For example: “Not now, darling. We will buy that for your birthday.”

Let the Child Choose
Choosing empowers children and makes them feel that their opinions matter. They won’t feel ignored if they get to decide. For example, you can decline a request for candy and ask if there’s a piece of fruit they’d like instead, reminding them of your explanation about the health benefits.

Source: Child Development Institute

Please remember to send extra clothing as it seems that our morning outside play times are often filled with dirt and water and we like to change the kids into cleaner clothes for naptime.
  • If you would like to provide muddy buddies for rainy days that might save on laundry.
  • We do our best to remind kids to walk while playing in the playground but they often fall and scrape their knees or hands.  To save the knees you may want to dress the kids in pants.  Also, shoes with grip might also help.  
  • Children need to arrive before 10am to be accepted for the day.
  • Summer hat and sunscreen to make it comfortable for children to enjoy under the sun. As per our policy, we will only use the sunscreen provided by the parents due to the allergy issue. 
It is crucial to respect our Drop Off Time Policy. If you find us enforcing it, here is why:
  • When children are dropped off late, it takes them time to settle. 
  • It is distractive to all other children and creates anxiety and stress. 
  • Teachers’ attention would be distracted  from following their daily programs and routines.  

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