Dear parents:

Oh! it’s August, eight months in the year!  Time is moving at a very fast pace hope we can all hold it and slow its pace to be able to enjoy some more bright summer days. 
We hope everyone has been enjoying these wonderful days which are not very common in British Columbia.  Here at Beyond Care we had great July and will continue to enjoy while summer lasts.  Children had fun playing longer time outside with water table that we converted into the ocean and underwater sea creatures, blowing bubbles, having circle time and snack outside pretending to be on a day-picnic. 
Our older kids are excited and are talking about kindergarten, new bag pack and lunch bags, school supplies etc. By the end of the month, it will be time to say good-bye to Kendra, Azi, and Ethan. It is with mixed feelings we say farewell to them. But we are very happy that they will be embarking on a new journey of school life and we wish them great success in their education. We welcome them to come to visit us sometimes.  

BC Day – (Civic Day) 

August 5th will be BC Day it is a regional holiday, Beyond Care Child Centre will be closed on this day.  Civic Day was first established in 1974 by the Minister of Culture in Alberta. Today it is celebrated throughout all the provinces in Canada. People take tours on historical places and observe culinary demonstrations that are so popular at BC Day Festival.     


We welcome Hugo and Nina and Daniel to our program. Hugo and Nina having blast, Canada is a new country for them and we are happy they are having their first memorable experience at Beyond Care Child Centre.

Daniel has been with us for a long time and is back with us for the summer holidays. Last year Daniel went to kindergarten, he will be in grade one this September. We wish him success in his education. Thank you again, Naomi.

 We welcome Makayla and Cortez to Beyond Care Child Centre and also Nardos and Sipora, who will be joining us in September.  


We wish twin brothers Duke and Drew on their 3rdbirthday our heartiest congratulations.


In today’s’ time family life has become so hectic that parents don’t have dedicated time. Often times parents are seen running in all directions to achieve everything that is out there in society such as taking children routinely to school, dropping them to a soccer game, to dance class to birthday parties to the library and so on. Family life seems to have lost its value. An effort to introduce simple family traditions will underline to children that they are loved and cherished, a feeling that they will carry with them for a lifetime. Some of the ideas are:

 Lunch surprises: a small note slipped in the lunch box will mean so much to your little child. It can be a simple message “mom & dad love you” or “eat your vegetables” or a small funny smiley will make your child laugh at lunchtime.

Family circle: saying grace by joining hands with everybody at the table develop love and unity. Creating this circle allow each person to share the best thing happened at school or work, it allows the family to laugh together on trivial things. Also encouraging the youngest family member to share a circle time story or new nursery rhyme will be like playing a memory game with them.

Read aloud time: Setting time to read aloud to one another as often you can is important family time. This way an older family member can pass the legacy through the story which has great lessons to learn from. As children grow older with this traditional family value, they build trust and confidence to discuss any issue that they might be facing at school.

Bedtime whispers: A message of love quietly whispered into your child’s ear while tucking them in the bed will put them to sleep faster feeling loved and cherished.


 We will continue to talk about summer nights, the moon and stars.  Like we spent all of the time outdoors, we will also linger long hours playing outside.  Children will have blast with the water table and enjoy fishing in “Ocean table”. We will open up our sandbox and let children have fun in it.

In the classroom, we will extend reading about spiders, insects, frog and fishes of different kinds. Academic learning will move on at a slower pace, yet children will stay in touch with academics through play.


In summer months most of our learning happens while playing, for example, children learn a lot about underwater sea creatures read related books and watch the video. This is the time when the spider is seen most. We try to catch the moment and talk about different kinds of spiders which they get to see when they go outside to play. Hence our formal learning takes a slower pace but does continue with older children who are doing advance academics such as math and reading.




As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.



As usual, a quick reminder for all parents to send summer hat and sunscreen to make it comfortable for children to enjoy under the sun for long hours. As per our policy, we will only use the sunscreen provided by the parents due to the allergy issue. You know the best lotion that works for your child.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!


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