Hello Parents! This month we welcome Presley, a new addition to our wonderful group of kids at Beyond Care.

Bribes VS Reward

Some may wonder if there is a difference between a bribe and a reward…yes I believe there is.

A bribe is used to get a child to do something that you want them to do. A behavior that you think you wouldn’t be able to get any other way?  

A reward is something a child gets for doing something that they have accomplished.
Perhaps setting up a sticker chart for potty training to encourage children to go to the washroom while training them.

Remember that daily routine activities are non negotiable and a child should be expected to do these things without a bribe or a reward.

Is life fair?

We as adults know that life is NOT fair. So why then did my mom give me a present on my brothers bday? Instead of me being happy for him and celebrating him….I wanted a present…I was thinking of myself.  

As I was raising my children I was often know for saying “sorry life is not fair”.  When one child was invited to a birthday party I know the other kids were sad and wanted to go but I was very careful not to make it about them. I could have tried to make things fair. I could have taken them to do something to make them feel good while their sibling was having fun. Instead I just said “one day you will get to go to a friends bday party and today it is your brothers turn”. I encouraged them to be happy for him, and ask him all about the fun things he did when he gets home.

To always try to make things even or fair between children causes the opposite than what I am sure my mother was trying to do

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