Welcome Back!

As we are welcoming the new year 2020, on behalf of all the staff of Beyond Care Child Centre, we would also like to welcome back all the parents and the children, and we hope you had a well-spent holiday with all your loved ones, and we wish you all a very prosperous new year.

Looking back on the year 2019:

We had our Christmas Party on Monday, December 9th of 2019. It was well attended by parents, siblings, grandparents and family friends. The children did very well singing Christmas songs, and they were joined by former Beyond Care Child Centre’s children. 

Thank you for our magician, we had an excellent performance which was lots of fun not only for the children but also for the adults. We could hear the “really?“ and the “wows” in the audience and some of the children with no sign of shyness became the magician’s assistants. We together enjoyed the time afterwards, talking and eating good food that the generous parents contributed too.

New Manager:

We are pleased to announce that Tracy Urquhart is Beyond Care Child Centre’s new manager. From her last 27 years of experience in Group, Home, Preschool and Infant/Toddler Care, she has a great wealth of expertise to bring to our centre. We are looking forward to working with her.  


Parents, please send an extra change of clothes for your child especially if they are toilet training, we request parents to give a good supply of undies, pants and socks.
If your child is diapering, please keep a constant supply of diapers and wet wipes with us. We prefer to use only the supply that parents send from home to avoid any skin irritation to your child.
Please label a child’s belonging especially, rain jacket, rain boots, hats etc. to prevent loss.
Children’s artwork and academic work are sent home every Friday.  Please check your child’s bag packs or lunch bags to appreciate the task completed in the class.
We request parents to please send gym shoes that have Velcro closing.  We strictly discourage lace shoes to avoid tripping in the playground.



As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.


We all have mixed feelings for winter. As for the children, they love winter because winter brings snow which means: Snowman and snow fights! Please ensure that you send warm jackets and gloves that are waterproof so children can fully enjoy playing outside with all their friends while staying warm and dry in the winter season.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!


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