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Hello dear parents 

As we say goodbye to the month of May, summer is fast-approaching.
The weather is getting warmer and children are enjoying playing outside longer in the sandbox and finding interesting things around and explore further.


We had a blast doing lots of arts and crafts. Children are developing their motor skills by learning how to use scissors.

We are happy to welcome Our Two New Members


Jessica Hua

We are excited to have Jessica, our new teacher, in the group. Her knowledge and training will benefit our children. We are looking forward to working with her.


We are happy to welcome Renata, our new addition to Beyond Care’s family. We, the teachers and the children, are looking forward to spending time and getting to know her more as she settles in the centre.



Storytelling is one of the best ways to develop the minds of kids from an early age. Telling stories without using books and pictures takes children on a different dimension because they develop visualization capacity and imagination. 
Without the use of books or illustrations, children learn to remember the key points such as names of the characters in the story.  This is a superb way to develop the skill of attentive listening and memorization. Listening to stories open up children’s mind to creative thinking, they appreciate and respect different cultures and traditions. Telling stories helps develop emotions and feelings in children as they understand and know what life is like for others. 

It is the best way to introduce new words to increase vocabulary and improve verbal communication in children.  In olden days, the important traditions, legends, and historical events passed on to generations in the form of stories.
Storytellers should arise curiosity in children. As story develop children tend to ask questions; thus storytelling time can be very interactive.  It can become an interesting and wonderful memory game when you ask questions from the story such as the name of a pet or the place where the story happened etc.
We all have grown up listening to the stories that were told and re-told to us by our grandparents, parents, teachers and other elders in the family. It is the best fun and family time before bed.

Please remember to send extra clothing as it seems that our morning outside play times are often filled with dirt and water and we like to change the kids into cleaner clothes for naptime.
Muddy Budies
  • If you would like to provide muddy buddies for rainy days that might save on laundry.
  • We do our best to remind kids to walk while playing in the playground but they often fall and scrape their knees or hands.  To save the knees you may want to dress the kids in pants.  Also, shoes with grip might also help.  
  • Children need to arrive before 10am to be accepted for the day.
  • Summer hat and sunscreen to make it comfortable for children to enjoy under the sun. As per our policy, we will only use the sunscreen provided by the parents due to the allergy issue. 
It is crucial to respect our Drop Off Time Policy. If you find us enforcing it, here is why:
  • When children are dropped off late, it takes them time to settle. 
  • It is distractive to all other children and creates anxiety and stress. 
  • Teachers’ attention would be distracted  from following their daily programs and routines.  

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