Jessica Hua

We are excited to have Jessica, our new teacher, in the group. Her knowledge and training will benefit our children. We are looking forward to working with her.


We are happy to welcome Renata, our new addition to Beyond Care’s family. We, the teachers and the children, are looking forward to spending time and getting to know her more as she settles in the centre.

Is your child ready for reading?

If you are able to answer “yes” to most of these questions, then the child may well be ready for reading:
  • Is the child able to concentrate through a short story?
  • Is the child able to match pictures that are similar?
  • Is the child able to match shapes that are similar?
  • Can the child express himself using appropriate language?
  • Does the child have a good vocabulary?
  • Can the child tell a story in the correct sequence?
  • Can the child recall songs and rhymes?
  • Does the child recognize his name in print?
  • Is the child able to identify one or more letters of the alphabet?
  • Does the child recognize the way words are set out on paper? (Left to right: Top to bottom)
  • Does the child show interest in books?
  • Does the child enjoy being read to and has expressed an interest in favorite books?
  • Is the child able to sit and listen to stories being read to him/her and takes an interest in the illustrations?
  • Does the child pretend to read by holding the book correctly, turns the pages and makes reference to the story from memory and from the pictures?
  • Can the child distinguish the beginning, middle and end of the story?
  • Can the child distinguish between left and right, understand spatial concepts like ‘behind, besides, in front of…’ and show comprehension of numerical concepts such as bigger/smaller, more/less, as well as numbers?
  • Can the child must see the difference between letters like ‘b’ and ‘d’ or ‘p’ and ‘q’? 

References: D Jager, M.2006. Mind Moves-Removing Barriers to Reading
Hayley Cockcroft
Marilyn Segal and Abbey Manburg

Please remember to send extra clothing as it seems that our morning outside play times are often filled with dirt and water and we like to change the kids into cleaner clothes for naptime.
  • If you would like to provide muddy buddies for rainy days that might save on laundry.
  • We do our best to remind kids to walk while playing in the playground but they often fall and scrape their knees or hands.  To save the knees you may want to dress the kids in pants.  Also, shoes with grip might also help.  
  • Children need to arrive before 10am to be accepted for the day.
  • Summer hat and sunscreen to make it comfortable for children to enjoy under the sun. As per our policy, we will only use the sunscreen provided by the parents due to the allergy issue. 
It is crucial to respect our Drop Off Time Policy. If you find us enforcing it, here is why:
  • When children are dropped off late, it takes them time to settle. 
  • It is distractive to all other children and creates anxiety and stress. 
  • Teachers’ attention would be distracted  from following their daily programs and routines.  

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