Dear parents: 
The month of May brings flowers, fruits, and vegetables into our classroom.  We will continue by talking and reading more about Spring Season.  In the last week of April, children had the most fun when they planted a seed of sunflower in their own plastic cup to proudly bring home for their parents. Children had fun hunting Easter egg both inside the classroom and outside in the playground. 

Children had a fun blast when we together sprouted green beans. They watered and watched it sprout every day. They got to touch, feel and eat it too. Some children loved it while younger ones just starred at the sprouting. 

We will learn more about flowers and how to make simple flower arrangements.  In May hopefully, the weather will allow children to go for long walks and pick flowers from the neighborhood (with permission of the owners living there).

We will also talk about the tulip festival that is held every year in Vancouver, called “Abbotsford Tulip Festival”.  This tulip festival is usually held at a farm spread over a ten-acre area. Each year about 90,000 people visit here and admire 2.5 million of colorful flowers that have 40 different varieties of tulips.

After the Easter weekend, we will be preparing for “Mother’s Day” celebrations. Children will make a surprise gift for their mother. Sh….. it’s a surprise. I am sure you will love it.

Since children now know how to arrange flowers, they will make a small bouquet for their mother which they will bring home as a surprise gift for you on Mother’s Day. They will draw, color and paint the cards and express their gratitude and love for you.
This will be our big opportunity for us to develop and inculcate in children respect for their parents and be thankful for everything that parents do for children.  Hence, we will be reading lots of books and sing and learn new mother’s day related songs too.

PARENTS CORNER – Characteristics to teach by the age of five

  1. Honesty
  2. Fair
  3. Kindness

Honesty:  Children are the leaders of tomorrow.  The best way to develop this attribute in them is to be an honest parent yourself. Children observe and watch parent’s action and they know if the parent is telling the truth. We will read books such as ‘the boy who cried wolf.” Tell children the consequence of lying that is being told by the boy in the story. Encourage children to tell the truth and reward it when they do so. Role play is another way to teach children this core value of life.
Fair: teach children to be fair and just in their play and games with their friends. Being fair is another important quality needed as children grow up.  If you know your child is being unfair with friends in playing games or has broken friends toy encourage him to give away his toy to the friend whose toy your child has damaged. This will help a child to understand the importance of being just and fair.

Kindness: Kindness and consideration is an important value that should be instilled in children from the early years. Praise the child and appreciate if they show consideration and kindness on the small job you ask them to do. Read stories and share books with your child about the importance of being kind and helpful to others.

Our younger group of children have gained much over the past few months. Most of them are now sorting beads, scribbling, coloring and tracing letters. They are putting their materials back where they belong. They are learning days of the week song and actively participate in activities such as growing and sprouting.  
While the older generation is steadily progressing with their numbers. Azi and Grayson reached the milestone of finishing writing 100 numbers. Bravo! Azi Bravo Grayson!. Yet another group of children is working hard on their number and alphabet tracing and learning to make alphabet train puzzle.
The management and staff of Beyond Care Child Centre take pleasure in wishing Jayden 2nd Happy Birthday!


As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.

As we enter the warmer temperatures please parents send an extra change of clothes for your child/children. We will have fun playing longer outside in the water table and sandbox. We will also be going for long walks and enjoying picnic time in the bigger park.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!


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