March 2020 Newsletter

Famous and Inspiring Quotes: Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies…Mother Teresa We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations……. Chuck Swindoll The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time……… Abraham Lincoln We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to

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February 2020

February was a month filled with lots of red and pink, love and kindness and learning about friendships.  We will continue to learn as we welcome 3 new faces this month (Raul, Ahava, and Ethan) along with our new teacher Loren.  We Welcome Our New Staff Member I have been working with kids for 10 years. I am originally from Korea and have lived in Canada for 5 years.I enjoy

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January 2020 Newsletter

Welcome Back! As we are welcoming the new year 2020, on behalf of all the staff of Beyond Care Child Centre, we would also like to welcome back all the parents and the children, and we hope you had a well-spent holiday with all your loved ones, and we wish you all a very prosperous new year. Looking back on the year 2019: We had our Christmas Party on Monday,

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December 2019 Newsletter

The month of December is always a very busy month. It brings inner happiness and joy both for children and adult alike. It is the month of Christmas, month of celebration and giving and doing little good things for others particularly those who are marginalized.  It is a time to think for those people and countries that are not at peace and are facing natural disaster. YEAR-END CONCERTAs parents are aware

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November 2019 Newsletter

November brings us closer to the year-end. it is with mixed feelings to say that the year has gone by so fast and soon it will be December. Our children are very excited about Christmas and “Santa”. We had a wonderful month of October where children enjoyed turkey making craft and carving pumpkin.  They loved pumpkin cookies that the daycare treated children after carving and scooping the seeds.    YEAR-END CONCERT:   Beyond

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October 2019 Newsletter

Hello October! With each passing month, we are now getting closer to the end of 2019. Soon after Halloween, it will be time to begin preparation for Christmas. It feels months are flying away faster than we can cope up with.We have had a great start of the new year here at Beyond Care Child Centre. Children are settling down happily and together we are learning to develop routines and

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September 2019 Newsletter

Summer has almost come to an end. We warmly welcome 2019/2020 school year at Beyond Care Child Centre. We are excited to begin the new year with new children and new families. We hope all of you had a wonderful and relaxing summer. At Beyond Care, we will return to our regular routine showing new children to hang their bag pack, change shoes take off their jacket and placing them in

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August 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents: Oh! it’s August, eight months in the year!  Time is moving at a very fast pace hope we can all hold it and slow its pace to be able to enjoy some more bright summer days. We hope everyone has been enjoying these wonderful days which are not very common in British Columbia.  Here at Beyond Care we had great July and will continue to enjoy while summer lasts.  Children had fun playing

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July 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents: Happy Canada Day! Beyond Care Child Centre will be closed on Monday, July 1st, in observance of Independence Day!To celebrate and respect Canada Day, we will read books and learn all about our country; such as national animal, our flag, about the capital city, learn to sing our national anthem and know about the significance of Canada Day.We will introduce the names of provinces and territories in Canada. We will

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June 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents: It is hard to believe that months are changing so fast it is now the sixth month in 2019.  It seems the year just started and now it is already coming to summer time. I must say it has been a pleasant experience working with all the children helping them transition smoothly into our program.We take the opportunity to convey our huge thank you to all our parents for their support and trust

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May 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents: The month of May brings flowers, fruits, and vegetables into our classroom.  We will continue by talking and reading more about Spring Season.  In the last week of April, children had the most fun when they planted a seed of sunflower in their own plastic cup to proudly bring home for their parents. Children had fun hunting Easter egg both inside the classroom and outside in the playground.  Children had a fun

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April 2019 Newsletter

Dear parents: April brings sunshine and warmer days. Our children are ready and all excited about the spring season.  In this season we will be talking about growing. It is that time of the year where new leaves grow on the trees, flowers begin to bloom, and new life emerges out of eggs.   We will read books about “growing” and perform an age-appropriate science experiment, for example, we will grow indoor plants

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