November brings us closer to the year-end. it is with mixed feelings to say that the year has gone by so fast and soon it will be December. Our children are very excited about Christmas and “Santa”.
We had a wonderful month of October where children enjoyed turkey making craft and carving pumpkin.  They loved pumpkin cookies that the daycare treated children after carving and scooping the seeds. 




Beyond Care Child Center is pleased to announce its year-end concert to be held on Monday, December 9th at 3:30 pm. Our children are working hard to prepare for their performance, so parents please mark your calendars and kindly let your workplace know in advance too. We understand you all have a very busy schedule, but children are excited and practicing hard to show you their talents. We hope to see you all on December 9th.

Please watch last year Christmas event by clicking the link below



 Children will make poppy flower and wear it on their clothes to honour the day.  We will read books and stories about soldiers and also observe a one minute silence so children understand and develop respect and love for their country.


Every year in November Canada observes a special day commemorating for those soldiers who fought for the peace and protection of their country in the past wars, particularly in world war I and II.  This day is usually celebrated in 53 member states, which were previously territories of the British Empire. It is also called Poppy Day. Canadians wear a red poppy that symbolizes the bloodshed and sacrifice of these soldiers. Many people also visit cemeteries and place flowers on the grave. A special parade is organized to mark the occasion.

Parent Corner – Discipline

Discipline does not only mean “good behaviour”. To clean up after playing is a discipline, to hang the jacket in the cubby, to put away things where they belong is a discipline too, thus discipline is an act of behaviour.

Discipline starts at an early age. In Greek discipline means “disciple” or a follower who obeys to the set rules and regulations because he feels safe and believes that he is treated with respect and in fairness.

Sometimes parents confuse discipline with punishment. Discipline is a positive method of bringing correction in children whereas punishment leaves a negative impact, it is often harsh and disrespectful and does not teach children anything rather children argue and justify their wrong action “he hit me first, he pushed me first”.

In order to inculcate discipline in children, it is necessary to set basic guidelines for children to follow:

1.         Hitting and pushing:  remind children as often as possible that hitting and pushing is not at allowed in the family, this includes throwing tantrums on a little pet around the house, or breaking favourite toys, or being mean with younger sibling thus, anything that might break or hurt the feelings is not acceptable
2.         Apologizing:  let children know that it is important to accept their mistake but is more important to know to correct it. In order to make their relationship better with their friends and siblings, it is important to apologize. This rule teaches children that if they make a mistake, they must also know to correct it.
3.         Recovery room:  As a family rule, children should be able to take quiet time to recover from their emotions and feelings. Let them in a peaceful and quiet area where they just sit and gather themselves and realize their wrong action before talking about it. As an adult be calm and compose and give them time until they are ready to talk.
Thus, discipline develops in children an understanding of their own part of the responsibilities and expectations of them.

Birthdays are big days in a daycare! It is a memorable occasion for children to celebrate their birthdays with their friends, sing birthday songs, blow the candle and eat cake together. 
We too celebrate children’s birthday here at Beyond Care. Parents are welcome to join too. We would like to let parents know that we make a very simple celebration we do not arrange a party for any child.  Hence, please do not provide or bring with you any decoration items.  For us, it is an opportunity to teach children and give them the concept of why birthdays come once a year only.
We would like to urge parents that in the best interest of children please only provide plain cupcakes. Please check with us for the number of children in attendance for that day. We usually prefer to celebrate birthdays in our morning circle time because after which we take children outside where they run and play to consume extra sugar from the cupcakes. This keeps our schedule and routine in place too.
In November we will continue to learn letters and numbers. Some younger children are getting to now understand and are also participating in circle time and trying to learn the tune of days of the week song. They are also learning to sort beads by shapes and colour.
While the older group of children are now completing to write up to 10 and 20 numbers. Kindergartners also get time to continue with their numbers some children are writing over one hundred numbers while others are still in practicing phase and hopefully they too will soon hit the target. Hence all ages of children in our care are gradually progressing academically.
Parents, please send an extra change of clothes for your child especially if they are toilet training, we request parents to give a good supply of undies, pants and socks.
If your child is diapering, please keep a constant supply of diapers and wet wipes with us. We prefer to use only the supply that parents send from home to avoid any skin irritation to your child.
Please label a child’s belonging especially, rain jacket, rain boots, hats etc. to prevent loss.
Children’s artwork and academic work are sent home every Friday.  Please check your child’s bag packs or lunch bags to appreciate the task completed in the class.
We request parents to please send gym shoes that have Velcro closing.  We strictly discourage lace shoes to avoid tripping in the playground.



As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.


Parents are requested with the change of season to now send rain jackets and rain boots.
And we also request to please label your child’s belonging to prevent loss.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!


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