Hello October! With each passing month, we are now getting closer to the end of 2019. Soon after Halloween, it will be time to begin preparation for Christmas. It feels months are flying away faster than we can cope up with.
We have had a great start of the new year here at Beyond Care Child Centre. Children are settling down happily and together we are learning to develop routines and set up classroom expectations.  Our kindergartners and out of school children are also settling well peacefully.  They are developing a friendship with each other and spending a long time together to build good bonding and friendship amongst themselves. They talk and share their class experiences, talk about ‘big buddies’ new things that they learn in the class. It is fun to watch and listen to their talks.

We believe that by the way we interact and train these young children, we leave a lasting impression on their minds. By doing so, we are building good ethics of kindness and politeness to help them grow into happy children. At Beyond Care we are happy to work with them and bring out the very best in them.   

The month of October also brings strong air and excitement of Halloween celebrations, Children are already talking about “what will I be on the Halloween day”. There is a lot of talks about costumes and characters taking place in our circle time.
We take this opportunity to let parents know that on October 31st, Halloween Day, Beyond Care Child Centre will remain closed.  This decision is made in the best interest of children and our staff as we strongly feel that Halloween day sets fear in some children when they see older kids dressed up in “scary costume”. These young minds are not capable to process the difference between real and pretend.
Having said that we will still read and talk about pumpkin, eat pumpkin treats, carve and scoop pumpkin seeds and turn it into jack-o-lantern.
Thanksgiving is a unique occasion to teach children gratitude.  As part of our philosophy, we develop in children the significance of gratitude and giving. This year Thanksgiving will be observed on October 14th 2019. Beyond Care Child Center will remain closed.
  1. Children will make a beautiful craft of turkey and decorate it with feathers other sparkly material and I am sure they will love to put it up by their bedside.
  2. Children will trace and draw pumpkin. Since they have observed the whole process of carving pumpkin they will be able to label their drawing which they will proudly bring home.
Beyond Care is fortunate to already have 4 sets of siblings and now we add one more twin brothers Kai and Everett.  Welcome both of you to our program. We thank Mom, Heather Spinks for her trust and confidence in our staff and our daycare. Thank you.

Our beloved Benjamin turns 9 years of age this October, we wish him a very happy birthday and congratulate his mom on this special day.  Ben, Beyond Care also wishes you success in studies!

Tasks mean something that a child undertakes as part of his own responsibility. This comes when a child is three plus of years and when he realizes that he is an independent individual person. At this age, the child understands that he must clean up after playing, put away his jacket and shoes bring his dirty clothes to the laundry basket etc.

Children do not necessarily have to master all their tasks by the age of 3, however, it is better to learn the age-appropriate task at the right time because the sooner children gain mastery, the quicker and easier it is to move on to the next age and stage.

While learning to become a master in their task children sometimes become irritated and frustrated. It is the responsibility of the parent and adults around them to show patience and model the skills through which children’s learning can become easier and pleasurable.

In October we will continue with our academic schedule of learning letters and numbers. It is still the beginning of the year and children coming from different other environments take a bit longer to move on to the next level. But be sure, we have patience and before the year-end, most older kids will know to write minimum up to 100 numbers and will recognize and hopefully, will be writing too.
While the newer batch of children are learning the alphabet, songs in the circle time along with the shapes and colors.
Parents, please send an extra change of clothes for your child especially if they are toilet training, we request parents to give a good supply of undies, pants and socks.
If your child is diapering, please keep a constant supply of diapers and wet wipes with us. We prefer to use only the supply that parents send from home to avoid any skin irritation to your child.
Please label a child’s belonging especially, rain jacket, rain boots, hats etc. to prevent loss.
Children’s artwork and academic work are sent home every Friday.  Please check your child’s bag packs or lunch bags to appreciate the task completed in the class.
We request parents to please send gym shoes that have Velcro closing.  We strictly discourage lace shoes to avoid tripping in the playground.



As part of our best practice, we will forward a copy of the newsletter to all parents electronically.  Copies of all our newsletters are also available on our website should parents want to revisit any of the past issues.



Parents are requested with the change of season to now send rain jacket and rain boots.
And we also request to please label your child’s belonging to prevent loss.

Finally, we thank parents for their continuous support to us by speaking positive about Beyond Care and sharing their firsthand experience with family and friends.  It means a lot to us. We believe our growth and reputation so much depend upon the word of mouth from our existing parents. Thank you again!


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