Full time

Ages 2-3

full time $980/month

Ages 3-5

Part time

Available upon request

Please visit  gov.bc.ca/affordablechildcarebenefit 
We accept Subsidy as well.

Reading and Writing

Language art is vital to human experience. Our rich environment provides precise language development amongst children. Our Kindergarten readiness program will encourage children to learn and recognize the alphabet and their sounds, printing readiness and love for books and stories. Story telling in circle time is the most effective way to develop language skills in children. Stories can be in a variety of form which include rhyming songs, audio stories, using props. All these means have an effective impact in early reading and build cognitive development in children.

Music and Movement

Our music program develops among children, enjoyment and understanding of musical literacy in a way that is natural to their stage of growth. Daily we enjoy dance parties and learning about melodies, rhythm and tempo, using our whole bodies in motion as we clap, twirl, and march. We teach a love and respect for musical instruments as well as a variety of music.

Outdoor Play

Imaginative play, social development, learning to share and take turns.

Exploring large muscle activities out in the natural elements and learning about nature and its complexities develops children’s curiosity and wonder and appreciation of the much bigger world


Math skills

Our mathematics material helps children learn and understand mathematical concepts working with concrete materials. Children learn to trace numbers and count in sequence and reverse. Our mathematical materials help children learn to count and recognize numbers.

Nature Studies

Using magnifying glasses, magnets and colour mixing children discover the fun of science. We perform age appropriate science experiments such as magnet non-magnet, living things, non living things, sink and float etc.

Arts and crafts

Children love to color, paint and draw. Arts crafts help children develop their fine motor skills and creative thinking. Using scissors to cut along the lines or in circle, using glue keeps them focus on activity and build their attention span. They feel of accomplishment when they are able to give shape to their imagination.

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