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Reading and Writing

 Language art is vital to the human experience. Our rich environment provides precise language development amongst children. They began by tracing alphabets and learning to sound them. Our teachers will also sit with each child to introduce early writing. Letter recognition is practiced with the teacher one on one. Storytelling in circle time is the most effective way to develop language skills in children. Stories can be in various forms, including rhyming songs, audio stories, and using props. All these means effectively impact early reading and build cognitive development in children.


Music and Movement

Our music program develops among children, enjoyment and understanding of musical literacy in a way that is natural to their stage of growth. In the music class, children learn familiar melodies, rhythm and tempo. They learn to use percussion instruments to create their own music by shaking and playing different equipment. They also learn the skill of creating body movements such as clapping, finger play, stamping, patting thighs, marching, hopping, galloping, twirling etc.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play allows children to explore large muscle movements. In addition, they learn social skills such as learning to share balls and take turns on slides or ride on the bike etc. We take children outdoor twice a day depending on weather conditions. We also go for walks to the nearby park or around the school and enjoy free time together.



2 to 3 year-olds: The children will participate in circles, sing songs, listen to stories, and more

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Age 3-6 year-olds: The focus will be on Pre Kindergarten skills, cutting printing, letters, numbers, and more

Per month Full Time

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